The Work Showcase

Till now I've worked on various projects.
The most interesting projects were always the visual effect ones. There are so much to do in them, that you can not find them completed ever in your mind.
I've worked as a freelancer for many companies. I realized that every one has something unique in their own way. Listing some of works & projects here.
My project fields vary in between Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Print Designing & Visual Effects. And I realized that there is always a scope to improve in every work/project, but you can not explain this to everyone. So, the final output varies according to clients.


Web sliders & Banners.

Trading at 10
This was made for a Trading company.
Tax Saving
This was made for a Stock market company.
Visiting Card Sample
This was a sample for a client.
Share Market
This was made for a Share market company.


Book & Brochure Covers.

After Effect

Evnet, Awards & promotional videos

vdonxt asia tv advertisement
This tv ad was aired on NDTV for vdonxt asia event promotion.
vdonxt asia awards
This was made for vdonxt asia awards.
vdonxt asia awards
This was made for vdonxt asia awards.
afaqs! event Title
This was made for afaqs! event title video clip.
vdonxt asia event
This one was made as a social media promotion video for vdonxt asia awards.
ashlar faqs
This one is made to answer the frequently asked questions b customers for ashlar commodities pvt. ltd.


Till now worked on Events, Web design, graphics, print and Visual effect videos with below listed companies & projects.

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  • • Foxglove Awards
  • • Brand Owner Summit
  • • India's Buzziest Awards
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  • • ashlar
  • • afaqs!
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